Friday, February 12, 2010

I will leave them smiling

I will not leave. You can show me all the sorrow you'll ever find, all the death, anger, animosity in every hidden heart, the worst nightmares you'll find in those caves, but I will not leave. Show me all the tsunamis ever possible, hurricanes, communism and what not, but I will not leave. Flood the world with tears, and innocent cries of children that can be heard on every corner of the street, but I will not ever ever leave. The mundane days of life that go by, the economy plunging into the ground, Haiti, terrorists, and everything you'll find at the back of our minds, but I will not leave. Overwhelm them with cancer, Huntington's disease, murderers and cigarettes, sleepless nights, daily plights, but I will never leave.
You will push me down every single time with the rest of the world falling each time. But if we fall together, then we shall rise against you, and I will not leave until I pick myself and everyone else up. I will not leave until I rid you of that joy you get from making the world suffer,
and I will not leave until I leave the world smiling,
with a power in their hands stronger than anything you can ever imagine.

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