Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Difficult simplicity

This was the day I forgot everyone else who mattered.
Because you said those three words, but it sounded like I'd never heard it before.
Because for the first time in a long time, I believed.

Blending machine

Time wakes up and changes everything, and all of a sudden we're a blur.
Blended in with the mist surrounding our breath.

Days like these are those that make me feel like I wouldn't mind if everything stopped right at this very moment. Because when you're faced with something this dangerous, you're too afraid to do too much, or not anything at all.
Tell me what it is that makes me want to leave things be because something this fragile can break easily.
Tell me what it is that makes me want to plunge into your atmosphere and forget everything but us.
Tell me what it is that dances to your malicious tunes, but only finds eternal bliss when the right choice is made at the right time.
A Lover.

You make me want to live, die, and live again.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Brave, inevitable fear.

One day, I will tire of those dark goodbyes, and silent lies. I will forget the wind that caressed, the child that smiled, and the chaos that loved. I will remove the beginning and the reasons tucked underneath chances. One day, I will become what you were before you realised nothing has to change if you don't want it to.

And you will come rescue me from this inevitable darkness that does not compare to your passion.

The immortal bread.

You could pick yourself up again and finally mean it when you say "I don't care".
You could also continue to hurt, because it means you knew what compassion was.
You could write down the last reason to make it last forever.

Because you had to tell everyone what you've always wanted to say.
"I finally know what it feels like to have lived, died, and lived again."

When it's time to feel happy

Every now and then, you turn around thinking you'll find what you wanted every moment to lead up to.
Every now and then, you run into the horizon and feel like reminders arrive way too late to prove anything at all.
Every now and then, you remember what it felt like to say 'Yes' when it's time to feel happy.
Every now and then, you cry.
Every now and then, you feel like you just heard the best song you've ever come across.
Every now and then, you forget the lyrics that kept you going once upon a time.
Every now and then, you die a little inside, and wonder why it feels so cold tonight.

Tonight, you'll forget all of that and simply live.