Thursday, December 31, 2009

And that's what made it easy.

They told her living in a fantasy wouldn't do any good.
They told her she needed to return to reality.

But for her, that fantasy where it was easy if you could just smile,
where you could just try with all you have.
where everyone believed in what they were fighting for.
and where love was present in every step of the way.
That fantasy had become her reality.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Mirror on the wall

When I looked a little closer, I found magnificent wonders in what you called a human. I found your skin glow, like it had been given powers by the night. I found things happening that weren't meant to, I found myself turning to the leader for the very first time. I found myself learning from you, learning how to be true, and accepting you as you accepted me.

When I took a step closer, I spoke. And my voice itself made bits of yor fingers crack, but it seemed to me like you were glass I had shattered. And I felt the cold and damp skin with my very own. It was unusual. But I wanted more. Yet I knew it would harm you.

When I tuned away, everything changed. And it was like a pair of Levi's jeans I had gotten used to. Old, worn out, turned brown from all the mud, but yet I wanted to wear them. Perhaps it was the security I felt. Perhaps that piece of denim that tugged at the knee was what I called affection. or Perhaps I just like being covered with something.
So I'm asking of you, and I'm asking you now, that you strengthen up enough so that I don't break you.
I'm asking of you, and I'm asking now, that you allow me to turn back to those childhood days, and those loving ways, and let me live life if that's what truly makes us happy.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

If it's meant to happen

For some reason, you told me that the world would change if I looked at it from your way.
For some reason, you called me a friend.
For some reason, we experienced more than one serene moment together, where emotions could not be defined, and the only reason for our smiles was each other.

When nights are cold.
When amidst everyone's laughter, mine dies.
When words seem like nothing more than an element of the past.
When inspirational flight just blocks out the light instead.
When the world stops spinning.
We'll believe in that reason. And that reason will make what was once between us our future.

Monday, December 28, 2009


For a gentle drop of snow
to land on their window,
would take all those christmas carols,
and hours at church.

When a smile to appear,
would take a thousand words,
but really music would do the trick,
a lullaby, letting a child sleep.

For a chemical reaction,
they blend and explode,
like emotions so deep and invisible,
and yet I see teardrops.

Thursday, December 24, 2009


My grounds shook. My walls cracked. My streets were destroyed. My door shattered.

And all I found outside was what I had always wanted to see - you.

Deceiving creation

You told me there would be something to look at. When I couldn't see anything I looked back, and saw that you had disappeared too.

Through that empty vessel we heard a thousand blended notes.
We saw the light being lured away by the looming black creature everyone feared.
We saw the leaves fall into your palm with dew drops on them, only to dissolve in seconds.
We saw days go by and mistakes being repeated unintentionally.
We heard the cries of winter, before silence engulfed the city which is now barren land.
We saw humanity shiver in front of turbines and engines.
We saw what man made out of man.

but they saw it too.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Pot of luck

What is this luck everyone talks about? Is it our destiny which we embrace by calling it our luck? Or is it a sign of the fear inside our hearts of what will be of tomorrow?
Perhaps it's just what we call luck, but something that means alot to one person, and hardly anything to the next person. Luck can be relative. Or maybe it's just psychological. It could be a pillar to lean on for some, because they believe in themselves, and that it's up to them to make something out of tomorrow. For some, they believe it to be a superficial creation of the human mind, and something that has a placebo effect.
I choose to believe in luck, because I've seen it with my own eyes.
It can be something that is a consolation, or something I don't always see, but I choose to believe in it because there is something to smile for everyday.
You can call it our destiny that such trivial things are present in the first place, or you could call it luck.
But to me, and to others, the fact that we can smile at the next person for what it's worth makes all the difference in the world.

A human

It is when we don't know what is going on, or don't want to know, that we end up letting the human mind ponder till it stumbles upon certain things our lives are blinded to. It brings about the idea of randomness to some people, to others its the concept of being emo, but for some people, it's making sense of why we breathe every day, and living life to the fullest. But before that's even possible, we need to learn to appreciate.
Appreciate our lives as they are, because had they been any worse, who knows where we'd be at this exact moment.
Appreciate those around us, for without them our days would be cold and empty.
Appreciate what will be, for who would want to keep expectations, and before tomorrow even arrives, when we can just learn to smile come what may.

I'm writing this for all those things I appreciate, and for what humanity stands for.
I'm writing this for the universe.