Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Mirror on the wall

When I looked a little closer, I found magnificent wonders in what you called a human. I found your skin glow, like it had been given powers by the night. I found things happening that weren't meant to, I found myself turning to the leader for the very first time. I found myself learning from you, learning how to be true, and accepting you as you accepted me.

When I took a step closer, I spoke. And my voice itself made bits of yor fingers crack, but it seemed to me like you were glass I had shattered. And I felt the cold and damp skin with my very own. It was unusual. But I wanted more. Yet I knew it would harm you.

When I tuned away, everything changed. And it was like a pair of Levi's jeans I had gotten used to. Old, worn out, turned brown from all the mud, but yet I wanted to wear them. Perhaps it was the security I felt. Perhaps that piece of denim that tugged at the knee was what I called affection. or Perhaps I just like being covered with something.
So I'm asking of you, and I'm asking you now, that you strengthen up enough so that I don't break you.
I'm asking of you, and I'm asking now, that you allow me to turn back to those childhood days, and those loving ways, and let me live life if that's what truly makes us happy.

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  1. If it is a relation I have to handle with care, I would never handle it.