Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Sweet child of mine

Sweet moonbeam hangin over me,
Letting go of inhibitions that I see,
Sweet child of mine won't you sing to me,
Whisper to the curious wind gently.
And you will come, and you will be,
Darling, just open your eyes and see,
And you will fall but you will climb,
Those dreams which become reality.

Hey love, won't you reach, won't you smile,
won't you tell me that you'll be a while.
Won't you dance around with a brilliant innocence now,
Won't you breathe the air without doubt,
won't you stare at the rain in the clouds,
won't you try and figure out what this dishonest world is all about.

Just in Time

Maybe the reason why I wanted to stay as close as possible to you was because you had stolen my heart. And my heart needed someone to reassure it that it doesn't lie in the wrong hands.
Maybe the reason why I'm cold right now, is because you stole my heart and ran far far away with it. And I call that injustice because now, I'll never be able to give it to anyone but you.
So I'll leave you with a question even if you never gave me any answers.
And I'll ask you where you are right now even if I never knew you were here in the first place.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Hard to give in

All you have to do is wipe away those tears,
Wipe away those emotions which make your vision blur,
And look beyond to the horizon where your friends stand,
Your friends who whisper and tell you they'll always be here.

Someone cried. And the tears filled the streets. That someone thought no one heard. But really, the air was suffocating, the silence was deafening, and someone replied telling him that if you can't hold on, I'll be there. And that someone felt sorry for shutting the voices out just because he could. He'd forgotten what he'd started fighting for, and stopped being a man because for once, being a human being was more important. And he turned around and smiled like never before, because everyone knew that meant a "Thank you" full of love.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Sometimes, we give up.

She's on the verge of throwing away everything she ever had.
She's on the verge of disappearing into thin air.
She needs you right now, and you're not here when everyone else is.
Where the hell are you?

Falling to pieces

There are things you will never understand, because you're not meant to know of such reasons since the very beginning.
There are memories that exist because when people change, they're the only things which remain.

I still wonder

One has time on his side.
The other has freedom, she won't cry.
But somehow neither has a smile on their face,
neither has an answer to those lies.

And when you cross each other on the street after years of not knowing where you were, do you look to see if they're looking back?
And when you break the vase you bought together on christmas eve, do you keep the pieces like you'd keep memories?
And when you look at the old number in the phone book, do you stop to think about how often you'd call?
And when you lie on that bed breathing your last, do you think about whether she's breathing at all?

Monday, April 19, 2010

Premature life

It was gentle. It was tender. But it hit him so hard that it made him cry.
If I could unlock the door behind which you're hiding, I'd drag you out into the vast fields and tell you to stare at the sun knowing you will not go blind.
I'd tell you to run down the track and experience the atmosphere as one, not just oxygen alone.
I'd tell you to dance like you've never before even if it rains, because the body speaks for the heart, and the soul lives on that language alone.
Because I'd face you to look you in the eye and say "This is the dream, and we're living it now."
And both of us would agree on it because it's only a lie if you make it one.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Superficial summer

I think they're all awake.
You've spent all your life thinking about what never happened.
Why not try thinking about everything that did happen for once?

Saturday, April 17, 2010

A letter to you

And the walked with an umbrella over their heads, without a single word.
But their footsteps splashing in the water, and the sound of endless rain spoke for itself.

I bet we'd never have expected ten years ago,
to find ourselves where we are now right here,
But yellow wood and crimson ribbons are of the past,
and here's the reason I'm sorry for you dear.

I'm sorry we never got a chance to actualise what I already knew existed.
I'm sorry I couldn't take that step with bold shoulders like you'd ask me to.
I'm sorry we strayed from our path and memories turned grey.
I'm sorry for nothing else except the fact that I loved you.

And I'm sorry for the laughter that echoes deep down inside.
I'm sorry for those hollow holes we've created in each other.
I'm sorry that one day you'd wake up and find,
that I'm no longer here because I never existed.
Because maybe, just maybe, it's you who's taking that great leap to the place I will never be.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Don't say it now.

And she felt those raindrops touch her bare pale skin after ages.
And she felt the force within something so small to inspire the biggest dreams.
And she was blinded by a light that only shone in someone else's eyes.
And she stopped because all she could do was stare and try to believe.
Your slow shaking fingers tell me that you're scared,
as they slip in between my very own.
And I know we've come the furthest because you even dared,
to let those lips utter crystal words which were once so true.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The day it rained.

And there are moments when she feels like tearing up every single piece of poetry she had ever written, like breaking every little promise she'd made, like venturing into those four walls to find the God that hides within, like erasing every little memory she's preserved for as long as possible, like deleting those pillars she'd find strength within, and like simply letting those teardrops roll down her cheeks.

Because she never realised that she was crying after decades of promises not to cry.
Because she never realised that what she could do in those moments were reversible.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Stare into space

You told me to just look at the mirror to see who I truly am.
But all I really saw, was who I want to be.
If the stars can hold the moon at the most beautiful angle ever,
then maybe carrying that very weight just turned it around, 360 degrees.
And if truth be told the lies cannot be hidden, then the burden weakens the already barren land.

I don't glisten like any of those stars and the dull moon.
But that day, I discovered the deceiving mirrors, and the secrets hidden within.

Secrets yet to be found

If only we'd lie upon the grass so green ,
to look up at the red skies and innocent minds so keen.
If only we'd smile and awaken to zealot clowns,
to listen to what reckless laughter could do.
If only you'd pick up that guitar so old,
and listen not to the song, but the reason she sings.
If only you'd understand why the secondhand ticks,
and learn to freeze time, not ourselves for what it's worth.

If only these sentences would stop dreaming, and start using words other than "If only".

Thursday, April 8, 2010

The raccoons came along

It seems like there's no place for reality in this world anymore. And that makes me wonder if this world is any more real than it gets.
"The world is changing, let's change with it."
So if the world were to war against each other to achieve a hierarchy which never stood, would we change with it, and war too?
And if the world were to start embracing guns as their own, would we do the same?
And if the world were to start believeing in peace without love, would we ever be able to adopt such ideals?
And if the world were to create their very own destruction, would we be as suicidal without knowing it?
And if the world were to tear up those green paper notes, would we cry on the streets where beggars once lay?
And if the world were to die, would we forget who we were because we changed, and simply die along with it?

Rise from the ashes

Because when darkness embraces every aspect of your life, and your last piece of hope lives on not within you, but within someone else, you need to remember who that someone is and why the light still shines in them.
Because when the pieces of yourself shatter like glass, and all else begins to fail, you need that someone to come and pick up the pieces and glue them back together with a bond the universe won't break.
Because when you forget who you are, and everything anyone ever knew you for, you need to place all your trust in that someone who can find you, calm you, and say the words "I love you."

Cherry Blossoms

Be honest as hell to me, and let the outcome be heaven.
So that one day we'll look back and say I took every right step, treaded on every right path, to get to you.
And we will live with no regrets

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The stars hold you

I asked you why the weight of tears seemed like heaviest burden to carry, and you told me that when water comes gushing in, cascading at the eyelashes, it feels like an equally heavy burden to carry.
And we were young and foolish enough not to know that what matters most is that you have people around you to share that weight, and that gravity can't bring down anything when the birds start flying high.
You're lost somewhere and I don't know where you are. I've seen it in your eyes and you can't find yourself. And I will ask of you to remember why we started out at the beginning, and find who you're supposed to be, so that years from now we'll know that we meant every word.
And I will ask of you that you never ever set me free, because right here right now is where we belong.
where we lost our dreams in the rain
and then found them in each other's eyes

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Stare at the blinding lights.

The wrinkled fingers were worn thin. Not due to time, but the deepest emotion any heart would ever know of.
I always thought there was a reason why a child is small enough to fit into a mother's lap perfectly. Why they need to be able to sit and listen to the voice that says everything will be alright.
And she pulled that frail piece of cloth closer as it tugged at her pale skin, because she knew even the toughest material can fall apart at the seams. She bit down on her lower lip, swearing she would not cry, but it never worked. They told her the ones who dont cry are the brave ones, but her tears were evidence enough of the fact that tears have never been a defining factor, and never will be. She shivered in the cold, and wondered why people could hate the hot and detest the cold all at once.
Because when memories leave you feeling so alone, all that's left are the purple bruises that accompany those solitary moments.
And that's when she needed to hear that voice, telling her everything would be alright.

And so she smiled. But the smile never reached her eyes.

Hear my plea

When you told me I'd broken all my promises to you, I wondered if broken promises can ever be mended.
Is it necessary to breathe in order to smile at all?
Is it possible to ever live without coming alive at heart?
Because when laughter becomes what a human lives on, humanity dies as a sacrifice for love.

Downfall of Mankind

They say humanity is the heart of mankind.
Each time a man is killed, they say a part of humanity dies.
God knows that in this world we live in, humanity has died a thousand times over.