Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The stars hold you

I asked you why the weight of tears seemed like heaviest burden to carry, and you told me that when water comes gushing in, cascading at the eyelashes, it feels like an equally heavy burden to carry.
And we were young and foolish enough not to know that what matters most is that you have people around you to share that weight, and that gravity can't bring down anything when the birds start flying high.
You're lost somewhere and I don't know where you are. I've seen it in your eyes and you can't find yourself. And I will ask of you to remember why we started out at the beginning, and find who you're supposed to be, so that years from now we'll know that we meant every word.
And I will ask of you that you never ever set me free, because right here right now is where we belong.
where we lost our dreams in the rain
and then found them in each other's eyes

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