Saturday, December 12, 2009

A human

It is when we don't know what is going on, or don't want to know, that we end up letting the human mind ponder till it stumbles upon certain things our lives are blinded to. It brings about the idea of randomness to some people, to others its the concept of being emo, but for some people, it's making sense of why we breathe every day, and living life to the fullest. But before that's even possible, we need to learn to appreciate.
Appreciate our lives as they are, because had they been any worse, who knows where we'd be at this exact moment.
Appreciate those around us, for without them our days would be cold and empty.
Appreciate what will be, for who would want to keep expectations, and before tomorrow even arrives, when we can just learn to smile come what may.

I'm writing this for all those things I appreciate, and for what humanity stands for.
I'm writing this for the universe.

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