Sunday, March 14, 2010

Eyes like windows

I would change the world for you if I could. But you need to see it for yourself.
See the rain falling down from the stars we stopped marvelling at once childhood said goodbye.
See the moon bright and silver for a reason which apparently isn't so cold after all.
See the mechanical smiles hiding misery behind themselves.
See the people working away in pursuit of happiness.
See the world mirroring each other, because they're all they've got.
See the sun shining to keep them going, but sometimes making them stop and sweat.
See the eyes searching for true love because they're too blind to recognise it on their own.
See the streets filled with cars willing to stop at traffic lights they never knew, and never willing to stop for beggars they don't want to know.
See the stars for what they're worth, because you know there's a reason why people like stars so much.
See yourself and who you've become and why you're who you are.
See me, and how I'm no different than who you are.

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