Thursday, May 6, 2010


Once in a while, you'd let me fall and get up, and fall again, so that I can get up again.
You'd make me fall and get up and repeat the cycle a thousand times over, to learn a simple thing.
That its not impossible to get up, whenever anything happens, wherever you may be.
Being a child, I'd begun to believe in those words, blocking out all forms of insanity the earth had bestowed upon me.
Some called it foolishness, simply because I was a child.
Some called it stupidity, because they said that believing gets you nowhere.
Some thought it was insanity in itself to be blinded to every black omen that surrounds me and constantly tell myself that they are merely butterflies, not moths.
Some told me it's good to have built up such an esteem.
Some told me there should be more people with such a mindset in the world.

Today I ask myself what this very world has come to - where diversity is not embraced but turned into a segregating factor.
Its not just the good and the bad in the world, but the fact that there are foolish and innocent children who are just like that.
And once in a while, they fall so deep they can't get up.
And once in a while, by the time help arrives, they're already hit the ground.

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