Saturday, May 29, 2010


I used to think you make all the difference to this world.
But the truth is, you only made all the difference to me.
Guess this is what they'd call a chain reaction. Because surprisingly enough,
I'm finally making the difference I've always wanted to make.
And its all for you.
She'll take a bus down and sing folksongs as we go along.
He'll bang on the drums in a caravan on a lonely road.
She'll stare into the cowboy's tired blue eyes, and tell him they sparkle.
Even though they don't.
He'll chew on some old bread and make holes in the old tablecloth.
She'll go out for dinner and wish on a shooting star.
He'll turn around and ask her what she wished for. But they'd refuse to tell each other.

Because both of them wished it wasn't all a lie.
Both of them wished that moments we smiled for had always been real.


  1. and both of them are together.

  2. Love was and shall be real ,just had find its way through so much ,before love found their hearts .Time was much needed to ,allow heart to be ,yours .