Thursday, November 25, 2010

Beautiful and Broken

Sometimes you can go your whole life not knowing what's right in front of you.
Sometimes you can be perfectly aware of what you have, and not know what to do with it.

And sometimes, you can make a million mistakes, and have a billion ways to do something about it as each second ticks by and regret begins to appear and make sardonic comments at what slowly becomes.

She asked herself why people do the things they do, forgive and love easily, and never return what they never saw.
But she never asked herself why people let fear stop them from doing what they do, or forgiving with a heart that is too wounded to love, and close their eyes each time it's time to give.

Unanswered questions? They made her wonder is ignorance really is bliss.


  1. The Beauty of your Words
    Yes I believe She would say to herself .
    That Fear can ,make anyone go into Hiding .
    She would say ,that Fear is not as strong as Love ,really is .
    She would say ,Love was never seen ,that not completely,True ,as she knows ,in your Heart ,You know of her Love ,Just she would say also ,that you believe strongly ,of the Love she never gave .
    She would leave this moment ,saying She has extremely amount of Love ,that flows from her ,that she would give anything ,to have you feel and shower in embraces of no limits of the Love ,you two could create together .
    She would tell you even now .
    She Loves you with all her Heart .
    She would hope one day ,you would allow her to Love you ,as always meant to be ,That you always believed she could ,love .
    Well Ignorance is a Bliss ,that would not really be in her Heart .
    She has lots things to say not just say ,show you for rest of your life .
    Wish You knew Her ,I believe she make you Smile and feel Love .
    But Hope you find this She ,never let her go ,give that love ,something to believe in once again .
    That is Beauty of Life
    Isn't that Silly ,I've never even met this *She* although I feel I know her .
    She would say to you
    How she Loves You with all her heart .