Thursday, November 25, 2010

Footsteps speak.

Amazing is what you call bringing life to that heartbeat which sees what life is, and calling it your own.
Amazing is what you call letting time nurture and not forget, remember and not regret.
Amazing is what you call this love that drives everyone insane until you realise what this life is all about.
And she whispered into delicate hearts, "Don't close your eyes now. This time, we'll wait. This time, we'll survive. This time, we'll do it all purely because I tell you it's possible."


  1. It is possible when not one ,when both want it ,to be possible ,to ensure this Time ,will last a complete Lifetime ,shared together .

  2. Don't forget ,will survive,this Time .
    This Time ,will get it all Right .
    This Time ,The storms have went away
    This time ,is left with Rays of Beauty that sun can warm our Hearts .
    This Time is What ,we been waiting for .
    This Time is what Love is meant to be ,between you and me
    This Time
    Will Survive

  3. no ,she was wrong .
    She would say she was wrong
    she was wrong
    she gets it
    she would say ,she knows you can not accept her heart
    She would say ,she knows she is wrong
    she knows
    you won't hear her heart
    she knows
    she is wrong